Thin hair requires a special approach and done by the professionals of “Roin Style” who know all the tricks when working with thin hair, will help you choose a cut for fine hair that will be perfect for your face shape.

If your hair was thin at birth but then weakened over time, our stylists we utilize special curative treatments to help restore the thickness and structure of damaged hair.

The most recommended cut for thin hair is medium length or shorter. However, there is no need to limit the length: even if the volume is not quite as we would like, a hair salon expert will always be able to find a way to increase the volume and density of hair using the color, hair and styling. In addition, there are many products that can be used to increase thickness.


Cuts for fine hair

When choosing a cut for thin hair, the main thing to think about is the form and length all while considering the structure and thickness of the hair. For clients with thinner hair a regular trim is needed to maintain the ends of the hair and shape.

A graduated or cascade cut are essential for long, thin hair. Especially because this cut creates depth and volume.


Straight cut for fine hair

This cut is definitely a win for thinner hair.


Bob cuts for fine hair

The excellent choice for fine hair a bob of medium length or shorter. Depending on the shape of the face and hair thickness the professionals “Roin Style” will choose the most appropriate version of this popular cut.
For example, this season bobs with a side fringe or longer lateral locks are in fashion.


Structured short cuts for fine hair

Thin hair allows you to experiment with different styles and short fashionable cuts.

If the cutting is done by a pro, any type of blow dry will be fine. To emphasize shape of the cut, it’s best to use light products that don’t weigh down fine hair.


Permanent and blow dry for fine hair

The permanent increases hair volume and makes styling easier, if done by a professional who has extensive experience in this field.

The hairdressers of “Roin Style” offer a wide range of innovative products for permanents as well as styling, made specifically for fine and sensitive hair. With modern technology you can create both small curls and light waves.


Short cuts for fine hair

A short cut is the perfect option for those who have thin hair. Here you can choose between different versions. For example, a short cut with along side fringe is fine if the hair is shiny and perfectly straightened.
You can do an even more structured and voluminous fringe, or rather shorter bangs that open the face.