About us

At Roin Style we have the innate ability enhance the beauty of each face by highlighting positive features through shapes and colors.

Roin Style SiciliaOur salon offers its clients an upscale and high­end experience. From the moment our clients enter the salon, they are treated to the “Roin Hair Style” experience. This includes a spa like atmosphere, professional consultations and precise cuts.. It is our belief that a positive change in your appearance can change your life as well. It is for this reason that we treat every cut color and service with the utmost care.

If you appreciate style, creativity, and crave exclusivity, Roin Hair Style is the salon for you! Our hairdressing services are of the highest quality. Our hairdressers excel in all aspects of hair care and styling.

Partnering salons who embody the “Roin Hair Style” are Indola, Jean Paul Mynè, Farouk CHIGoldwell, La Biosthetique, Wella, Kemon, Elumen.  These salons, just like Roin Hair Style, are up to date with the newest techniques and styles.

Roin Style Sicilia 34Our hairdressers work with all types of hair and colors.

Our stylists have extensive experience, incredible attention to detail, and our salon offers many new and exciting treatments. Our staff has studied the latest techniques of cutting and coloring, bio­permanent, healing treatments hairstyles as well as application of extensions.

It is not only the appearance of our clients that is important, but also their well­being. Our experienced professionals do everything in their power to create a once in a lifetime experience. It is our professionalism, love for our work, and dedication that keeps our clients coming back to the “Roin Hair Style” and salon.

Become our guest and dive into the fabulous world of beauty ­ just give us a call and make an appointment. At “Roin Hair Style” we pride ourselves on our warm and welcoming atmosphere ­ one in which creativity is encouraged and our skills and training, and the love ­ for our customers and for ourselves is evident. From our stylists to our fragrant Italian coffee and the beauty of ancient Rome ­ you can relax in a modern and welcoming environment.