La Biosthétique


The brand

The Biosthétique Paris is synonymous with extraordinary effectiveness cosmetics. The quality of raw materials is, for us, an essential starting point of our products. We are the same company that does research and development in order to ensure products that express the latest developments and trends in terms of cosmetics and dermatology. Even our hairdressers actively participate in Product development.
Thanks to the teamwork together with the exclusive services offered by our hairdressers in the salon, our products give pleasant sensations of wellbeing and relaxation.

The company

The Biosthétique, since its foundation, is a family business. It is an enterprise managed directly from the property, which guarantees a longterm vision, efficiency and accountability both to the customers and the employees. Just as it had been for the founder, also for the current owner Siegfried Weiser and his sons, and JeanMarc
The Biosthetique is involved in various social projects. During the production phase, it gives great value to the protection of the environment and uses electricity only from natural gas. Furthermore, it only emits CO2 neutral with DHL Go Green. In 2006 the main headquarters was moved in Paris, directly in front of the Arc de Triomphe. Another office is located in Pforzheim, where 250 employees work. This is where scientific research is done and this is where production takes place according to the
highest quality standards. The brand The Biosthetique, with its affiliates and its  artners, is an international company present in Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Great Britain, Asia, Eastern Europe, Russia and Canada. We count 500 employees worldwide.


The Biosthétique Paris offers a wide range of products for hair and skin: For the hair and scalp, as well as the styling, the colors and then at the treatment of the face and body and finally to make up. The excellent components of our products are carefully selected in order to achieve an optimal combination of the active ingredients. The products act in a specific way so that The Biosthétique hairdresser may find solutions to problems and individual needs. Using specific tests, the hairdresser can determine the composition of the scalp, hair or skin to offer the customer the most suitable product. All products are developed in the most modern laboratories according to standard scientific forefront and without resorting to animal testing.