Behind the brand

We started with the original Moroccanoil Treatment revolutionizing the industry of hair care. Our reputation is based on positive word of mouth, from the catwalks to the streets, and magazines.
Our innovative formulas, rich in antioxidants and nutrients, are unmatched and provide dramatic results. This is why the line is exclusively in professional, upscale salons. Moroccanoil is preferred by professionals and consumers: because our products simply work.


Our story began when the cofounder, Carmen Tal, was traveling in Israel. After a dye job that left her with severely damaged hair, a friend he took her to a salon where she was able to experience a surprising treatment oil. The result was that her hair is instantly transformed from damaged shiny, soft and easy to comb.


Moroccanoil has become a reality in the field of sensational hair care adopted by celebrities, catwalk designers and women around the world. The basis of our success is quality. We have perfected the Moroccanoil Treatment and extended the line by introducing solutions for every kind of hair. Our offer not only leaves your hair naturally soft and shiny, but also improves hydration to make them more stronger with every use. We are proud to have created a new category for hair care and to remain, even as we grow, always unique in our industry.