Up do’s

Throughout the years updo’s have always been in fashion, and will remain in fashion because there is nothing better when trying to achieve an elegant style for a formal event.

Our experts, when consulting with a client about an updo, consider many things. The height of the customer, the shape of the face, eye color, and the dress can all enhance the style chosen.
For example, an elegant evening and cocktail dress with an open back look best with a higher style. This helps to lengthen the neck and emphasize the beauty of jewelry and dress.

A classic bun is always a win for a business meeting it is simple and clean. A party with friends is an excellent opportunity to try fun and new styles such as kinky curls, flowers in the hair, jewelry and clasps.

When choosing an updo style it is also important to consider age.
For example, young girls should not go for a severe style that might be too mature.
For younger women, it’s better to emphasize the elegance of the young face with soft waves or braids that fit the cocktail style.

Hair length is also something to consider with thinking of a formal hair style. To solve the problem of short hair, extensions can always be used but, there are also many interesting ways to blow dry even very short hair.
A popular choice for medium length hair a classic chignon.