Highlights is a treatment that colors the hair strands instead of having to color the entire head.

This treatment gives volume to the hair and creates depth using color. The end result depends on three important components that need to be considered: the hair color before painting, the color chosen for the strands and the technology used.

The classic technique used for coloring the strands over the entire length is with special bleaches. The more subtle the color more natural result. The second step is usually the coloring used to soften the contrast between the natural color of the client and that of the bleached strands.

Next, we use a less damaging technique, where highlights are made only 23
shades lighter than the natural hair color. This technology is used when the hair is damaged or when there is no need to get a particularly saturated color. In this case we use dyes without ammonia, rich with moisturizing components.

Another popular technique is California highlights. With this technique, the hair roots remain dark while the vertical strands of hair are colored with different tones. In addition to the traditional tones (white, gray), in this case we also use: coffee, cognac,walnut, beige, honey.

In the “Roin Style” salons we only work with modern technologies and products, which minimize the risk of damage to the hair.