The permanent in recent years has been increasingly requested except in most of Scandinavia, Northern Europe and Western Europe, where there is a greater presence of thin and medium thin hair. People then seek a way to solve the problem of maintaining their hair volume.

There are many types of permanents to choose. However, picking the right one is a very complicated matter. The best of products for the treatment of thin and medium hair are made in Germany and the USA.

How to choose a permanent liquid.

For thick, untreated hair, usually a strong liquid is utilized. As far as the assembly of the curlers, vertical or horizontal patterns are used, it depends on the desired effect. The liquid that is used for thick hair can not be used for blonde or highlighted hair as it will not produce the desired effect.

When doing a permanent on dark or light hair, it is important to choose a liquid of medium potency always taking into account the thickness of the hair.


A permanent on bleached or highlighted hair.

The work to achieve a permanent on processed, and highlighted hair is extremely complicated and must be done carefully to avoid damaging the hair. In these cases the hair should be checked prior to see which tones the hair has and if there is any structure left.  In this case the hair is certainly more fragile and could break while being brushed. With hair of this type it’s better to avoid a perm.

In the case of lighter hair (blond, golden beige, highlights) using a lighter liquid will achieve the best result.  A stabilizer should be put on the hair before rollers and cap are applied.  Once applied, the hair should be checked every 5 minutes.

Stylists at Roin Style recommend using caution when considering a permanent, especially when the hair is colored, bleached, streaked or highlighted. It is also very important not to repeat the permanent process one after another as it can be very damaging to the scalp.

At Roin Style we deliver the highest quality of permanents!