Treatment, rehabilitation and hair strengthening

Capelli-rovenatiReconstruction with keratin for weak or damaged hair. Reconstruction of the hair after bleaching or permanent.

Over the past 9 years, many of the problems related to the health of hair have been solved: dryness, fragility, split ends, damaged hair structure due to various electronics, chemicals, thinning hair and many others.

Our professionals have extensive experience in the reconstruction of brittle, dry, fine, colored and bleached hair.

During the hair reconstruction process. a correct diagnosis of the problem is very important. Only an experienced professional can precisely define the problem and the specific damage.

It’s important to understand what your hair needs.

In our salons, “Roin Style” offers the latest products, new curative treatments, moisturizers, ipids, and minerals aimed at solving the problems of your hair in the least amount of time possible.