Care for damaged hair

We invite you to visit professional Roin Hair Style salon masters! We have been working since 2006 in Italy and offer a wide range of beauty and hair care services.

The main problem for many women and girls is damaged hair and how to care for them. Hair may be damaged as a result of numerous staining or other chemical treatment, when using low-quality hair products, with frequent use of tools for hot styling (curls, straighteners, hair dryer) and even a pleasant stay in the sun can cause hair damage. As a result, the hair becomes dry, damaged, with split tips, often tangled, lose its shine and elasticity.

The main task of the hairdresser – moisturize, restore and nourish the hair, align their structure. This is possible due to the wide range of care procedures used in our salons for damaged hair. Such as: keratin restoration, hair botox restoring special complexes during hair coloring, Elumen lamination (or shielding), nanoplasty hair, cauterization of ends (hot termocut scissors), scalp sawing, regenerating and moisturizing deep action masks. Vitamins, dietary supplements, darsonvalization and laser effect to the scalp (which improves blood circulation) can also serve as auxiliary means.

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