Eyebrow correction

We invite you to visit professional Roin Hair Style salon masters! We have been working since 2006 in Italy and offer a wide range of beauty and hair care services.

Professional eyebrow correction consists of gentle removal of part of the hairs, which are out of line and spoil the shape of the arc. As a result of this procedure, the shape of the eyebrows remains almost unchanged, while becoming more expressive, due to the absence of extra hairs.

Eyebrow correction can be carried out using various tools:

  • The most popular way to correct eyebrows. With its help, the master pulls out all the extra hairs one at a time, gradually giving an arc, a clear expressive form.
  • Cotton or linen thread – “trading”. Using this method of correction, the master gently tightens and lets go of the threads, pulling out hairs with the root.
  • Wax or wax strips. The master applies warm wax or wax strip to the area of the skin where there are extra hairs. Then removes the cooled wax against hair growth with a sharp movement.
  • Hair removal with a laser is both most effective, since such a procedure removes undesirable hairs once and for all, and longer, since one procedure in this case is not enough and it will need to be repeated after 1-1.5 months.

We invite you to «Roin Style» salon for the procedure of eyebrow correction. Our experienced masters will give your eyebrows a clear and expressive form.

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