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We invite you to visit professional Roin Hair Style salon masters! We have been working since 2006 in Italy and offer a wide range of beauty and hair care services.

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By choosing us, you choose:
  • Unique looks

    In our salon you will create your own special style with the help of the golden hands of our masters.

  • Creative specialists

    Our masters are professionals who are sincerely in love with their work.

  • Quality care

    We use only proven and reliable hair care products.

  • Beauty + health

    Our experts will help you get rid of hair loss and other damage.

Our specialists are regularly trained in the best schools in Europe, such as Goldwell, Wella, Kemon, as well as directly at the Roin Hair Style Academy, which has been operating since 2018 and is available offline in Italy and around the world in online training.

In our work, we use only proven and high-quality cosmetics. Constantly learning and improving their knowledge, our masters are ready to offer you the latest methods in the world of hairdressing.

Roin Hair Style guarantees a safe and quality service for each client, modern methods and proven hair care products.

Roin HairStyle Academy Learn with us!

By taking courses at the RHS Academy, you increase your professionalism, learn advanced coloring techniques using new shading methods, different types of haircuts for men and women, we always maintain the importance of the stylistic part. The RHS Academy is dedicated to the training of professional hairdressers, we offer a variety of technical and stylistic courses, relevant and interesting techniques for students, very easy to perform. Studying in our courses, where technology is always up to date, makes it easy to achieve the ultimate goal: to become a competent and fashionable hairdresser. The RHS Academy offers an unforgettable educational experience for anyone who wants to be 100% up to date with the latest trends and techniques in the world of hairdressing. Hurry up to take our courses, you can choose online courses or participate in our Academy in Rome! Your success is our victory!!!


In our salon, we have products only from famous brand companies, which we individually advise and select for each client.

We are always open on Monday, and on Sunday only by special orders.

Yes, upon prior request, we work in the field in hotels, private villas and yachts.


Our salons specialize in sophisticated coloring techniques such as Balayage, Air Touch, Shatush, and many more, as well as hair extensions.

We offer our clients hair recovery or nutrition treatments in the salon and hair care at home, based on the original condition of the hair, thorough analysis and consultation. We use all the top products for deep hair nutrition, surface moisture, full recovery and much more.


Prices, as well as a list of all services you will find on our website.

Beauty Salons

A beauty salon is a place where people go to treat themselves to a wide range of cosmetic services, including skin, body, and hair care. These services encompass haircut, hairstyling, manicure, pedicure, makeup application, depilation, and numerous other aesthetic procedures.

For us, a beauty salon signifies modern equipment for skin and body care, as well as a selection of the best cosmetic products. Beauty salons are usually frequented by people wishing to enhance or maintain their outer beauty, while taking care of the health and wellbeing of their bodies.

A woman who frequents a beauty salon definitely feels different from others. She is constantly pampered, having all the wellness services, offered in the beauty centre, at her disposal!

However, a genuine beauty salon provides an extensive range of wellness and personal care services not only for women, but also for men.

Some of the most common services include:

  • Haircut and hairstyling: this includes hair cutting, hairstyling, a large number of hairdos and different hair treatments.
  • Manicure and pedicure of different kinds: nail care for feet and hands through different treatments such as the application of classic or semipermanent polish, French manicure, pedicure, application of fake nails and the creation of many different effects to keep up with current trends. For those who are not so much into fashion, it will certainly be a new way of expressing their personality, even through the simple but elegant gel effect.
  • Makeup: beauty centres offer a wide variety of make-up services, applying makeup that is suitable for an everyday makeup look, but also special makeup for special occasions such as weddings or big events.
  • Depilation: removing unwanted hair from various parts of the body, including legs, arms, face, and other areas. These services are performed with different techniques, including the use of classic wax or sugar paste.
  • Skin care: in a beauty salon, different types of facial and body treatments are performed with specific devices. These treatments include deep facial cleansing, facial massage, exfoliation, moisturising, treatments for specific skin needs, and much more.
  • Body care: these are procedures aimed at relaxation and personal care such as manual massage, massage with the endosphere machine – for cellulite treatment – and many different types of body treatments.
  • Hair dyeing: this service includes different methods, such as highlights, balayage, shatush, Air-Touch, degradé and many others to change or enhance your hair colour
  • Hair extensions: beauty salons can offer hair extension services to add length or volume. Most importantly, they can transform a short haircut into a long one in one hour. A beauty salon having this type of service and a very high level of quality will be considered a top-quality beauty centre.
  • Nail care for hands and feet: include treatments to strengthen and repair nails such as nail reconstruction with gel or acrylic to look well-groomed.
  • Massage therapies: some beauty salons offer massage services using various procedures, such as manual massage, use of relaxation and anti-cellulite devices, shiatsu massage for stress relief, and many others.

Thanks to all the services that are offered, a beauty salon may be classified as a top-quality salon. In Rome, beauty salons stand out from other wellness centres due to the wide range of services they offer.

Actually, there are very few top-quality beauty salons where you can find expert professionals: in these top-rated beauty salons, cosmetologists and hairstylists work together to provide the highest level of service.

Choosing the best beauty salon in Rome depends on your specific needs and personal preferences

If you are looking for a full-fledged beauty salon with hairstyling and cosmetology services, keep in mind that beauty salons offering comprehensive and quality services are just a few. However, in Rome, there are some qualified beauty salons, each with its own specialties and hairstyling and cosmetology services.

To find the best beauty salon for you, you can do an online search, read reviews on Google, ask for recommendations from local friends and family, or go to their websites to explore their specific services and offers.

In Rome, the neighbourhoods of the first and second municipalities, that are located in the historic center, are home to a high number of beauty salons. It is important to point out that the availability and quality of services can vary significantly from one salon to another. Therefore, it is essential to conduct a thorough search before booking an appointment at a specific salon. Furthermore, it would be ideal to find the time and arrange for a professional consultation, visit the salon in person, and have a conversation with the cosmetologist or the hairstylist.

Among the many services focused on skin, face, and body care, as well as on maintaining physical attractiveness, most commonly you may find:

  • Deep Facial Cleansing: done manually or using special devices, this is a fundamental skincare procedure that involves deep cleansing, exfoliation, blackhead extraction, and facial moisturisation.
  • Anti-Aging Treatments: one of the best treatments in this area is Endospheres, an innovative technology that provides superb results for both body and face. These treatments aim to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and may include laser treatments, fillers and Botox.
  • Skin Procedures: they encompass facial and full-body massage, skin masks, chemical peels, and specialised treatments using clay to address skin issues like acne, pigmentation, or sensitive skin. Additionally, there are numerous other procedures to address further issues.
  • Body treatments: they include relaxing massage, body exfoliation, body wraps, Shiatsu, Endospheres, anti-cellulite and moisturising treatments for the body.
  • Depilation: beauty salons often offer depilation services, including hot waxing, Intense Pulsed Light hair removal, or electrolysis, the so-called sugaring, as well as laser hair removal.
  • Nail Procedures: manicure and pedicure are performed using various techniques, depending on the client’s preferences. Nail reconstruction procedures using gel or acrylic, semi-permanent polish application, or the application of artificial nails with various decorations and designs may also be performed.
  • Body Shaping Procedures: some beauty salons offer weight loss or body toning procedures such as cryotherapy or radiofrequency lifting, along with various other procedures.
  • Massage: a massage can be an integral part of a beauty salon’s offerings. One can find wellness centres specialising in different types of manual and other specific types of massage, performed with special devices for slimming, relaxation and stress relief. A large specialised beauty salon can offer at least ten different types of massage.
  • Wellness Procedures: some beauty salons offer wellness services such as meditation, acupuncture, or yoga as well as energy treatments like saunas, Turkish baths, or small gyms with personal trainers as part of their facility.

In Rome, the Eternal City, there exists a luxurious beauty salon that is an oasis of wellness and aesthetic perfection. This exclusive salon, well known for its dedication to beauty, offers a diverse range of impeccable services to satisfy the most sophisticated requirements of its clients. It is a beauty salon inside which you will find a section dedicated to hairstyling, offering several hair care treatments and much more!

In our salon, the keyword is “beauty”

The procedures offered here go beyond aesthetic and superficial beauty. Here beauty is viewed as a combination of health, personal care, and personal development.

Among the treatments offered, you can find rejuvenating massage, eyelash extensions, eyebrow lamination, eyelash lamination, deep facial cleansing using pulsed light, and many other services performed by highly qualified specialists using advanced technologies to relax tense muscles and restore the energy balance.

In our beauty salon, we use high-quality creams and masks for facial cleansing; indeed, this service is one of the most popular with our clients. Our experienced cosmetologists perform a true beauty ritual using purifying clay and an advanced Endospheres technology. The result is cleansed and radiant skin exuding health and vitality.

For those seeking a unique and long-lasting effect, we offer advanced moisturising procedures, using high-quality ingredients to preserve youthful and radiant skin in the long term.

Our beauty salon also specializes in semi-permanent tattooing procedures, performed using the most innovative technologies and new execution methods to change the shape of eyebrows and lips. This process ensures a flawless aesthetic effect.

In conclusion, if you want to immerse yourself in the world of beauty like never before, choose our beauty salon in Rome, which offers hairstyling and cosmetology services. Treat yourself to the very best procedures performed by our professionals who genuinely understand the art of beauty and top quality cosmetology procedures. We wait for you at Via Boncompagni 43. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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