Air Touch

“Air Touch” is one of the four fundamental techniques for partial highlights, as well as one of the most popular and complex coloring methods.

Thanks to this technique a master colorist can create a very natural lightening effect, thus obtaining a lighter shade of color. Moreover, the transition from your natural hair to the lightened sections will be so smooth that no touch-ups will be required for an extended period of time.

The name “Air Touch” becomes self-evident during the actual colouring process, as each strand of hair is blown out using an air stream from a hair dryer. This method ultimately gives the hair an incredible depth of color while adding volume. Such coloring is ideal for virtually everyone. The technique is carefully designed from a technical standpoint, and it has to be performed by experienced professionals only.

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The world of hairdressers never stops. Here creativity is the foundation, and everything is constantly growing and developing. Each haircut lives its own life and is characterized by a unique design; each staining changes in taste and need; each technique is designed to improve, simplify, or shock.

All this happens because we are not robots and because each hairdresser has something inside that they can give customers and the world. And it is thanks to this that we are able to grow and fulfill each request.

In connection with the above, today we want to talk with you about a technique recently born in Russia. We are discussing a new trend that allows us to mix colors naturally. It is about expanding the shatush and balayage, which allows you to create ideal connections between the roots and length, creating a game of light and shadow.

This technique is called AirTouch, as it is performed using the cold air of a hairdryer. Not too thick diagonal strands are used, and hair is held in tension along the entire length. A hairdryer located at a distance of 1 cm from the roots, nose down, blows out shorter hair due to the air stream, and the remaining hair will be marked with the selected color or lightener.

Why did this technique turn the world of enlightenment so hard?

Thanks to AirTouch, blond correction in all techniques, such as a shatush or balayage, is no longer possible because it allows you to recreate the shade’s effect while maintaining the hair’s condition since the product will only be applied to grown hair, avoiding further damage to already painted or lightened strands.

So come to us if you have a very light length and darker roots or you just want to plunge into the world of hair lightening. Such a simple technique with a gentle and visually natural effect really suits everyone.

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