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Do you want to refresh or give movement to your color? Do you want to change just a little something in your appearance?

All you need is Balayage. What is it?

Balayage is a lightening technique that is performed on certain areas of the hair, and then with the help of tinting a unique color suitable for any context is created. Long hair, straight or with graded haircut, ideal, but even with medium length we can achieve optimal and fashionable results. Such coloring allows you to get a natural lightening, giving a blurry shade from the middle of the length to the tips.

What makes this technique unique is the simplicity of the effect it leaves on the hair. This coloring with a natural line brings you back to the summer as it resembles the effect left by the sun while resting on the sea.

But that’s not all. The skill of the hairdresser is to enhance or not enhance this effect to make it unique and suitable for each of us.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and do Balayage in our salon!

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The popular hair-dying process, “Balayage,” in warm or cool tones, depending on the client’s requests and color type, is famous for this procedure using a particular “freehand” technique. Stretching begins virtually at the roots and ends at the tips, and the color transitions gracefully from one tone to another. This technique was developed in France at the Desange hairdressing school to generate a mild natural glare and to simulate the impression of sunburned hair. Balayage afterward became a well-known and essential technical work. However, in order to achieve a high-quality result, a lot of activities that only expert colorists can undertake must be completed.

Principle of staining and technique

This is one of the most difficult techniques because the master must accurately choose the colors of the ultimate result of the balayage, the paint (for the balayage, a special illuminating powder is used), and the proportions of each level and each strand. As a result, it is impossible to paint freely on a high-quality foundation at home – even an experienced master would seldom repeat the previously chosen colors.

Staining occurs in the following order:

  • The curls are divided into zones, and each gathers in its own beam; the lower tier should be accentuated against the rest of the hair’s background.
  • Several strands (2-4 cm in length) are liberated from the beam, and a light dye is added to them to create the image of the blade or letter ” V. “Furthermore, the paint is applied with light strokes from edge to center to achieve a smooth transition.
  • The film is applied to the treated region.

The provided technique provides the fundamental concept of its implementation principle and applies to one layer. All succeeding levels are handled almost identically, but with varied strand directions and how they fall taken into account. If you want a balayage in “cold” tones, utilize powders that glow at many levels with the addition of blue or purple color.

Various staining procedures

The “Balayage” dying procedure in ash color or other light shades is conducted in many ways and creates the illusion of chaotic glare at the main length and lighter and stronger light at the ends of the hair. It will take time for the master to develop a smooth gradient. To blur the boundary between natural and processed hair color, extensive prep work is performed; following lightning, the hair is colored into the required tones.

The term “balayage” is frequently confused with different coloring methods. For instance:

  1. “Ombre” is a coloring method in which a fuzzy border with glare forms on the hair. The transition from light to dark tone (or vice versa) is more strong and more crisp, which balayage lacks.
  1. “Chatush” – a technique involving the chaotic smearing of the majority of the hair to the middle of the overall length of the hair. As a result, the effect of “burnt-out” strands is created.

The prevalence of technology “Balayage”

The procedure is ideal for persons who are wary of changing their appearance. Partially coloring in the ash color offers a unique touch without compromising the overall look of the image. Furthermore, the technique does not necessitate regular visits to the beauty salon because there is no need to update them if there is no visible border for the transition of colors. After all, when the roots mature and take on their original color, they will add to the grandeur.

You must determine who best suits “Balayage” to make your hair happy every day. As a result, if your hair falls into one of the following categories:

  • medium or long;
  • thin or slightly wavy;
  • fast grows back;
  • or has a unique facial shape,

it is absolutely worth attempting this coloring process.

How can fashion influence technology? “Balayage”

If normal coloring merely affects the color of the hair, ” Balage ” doubles the volume. This is particularly evident when individual strands have varied colors that contrast against the primary color’s background: ash-violet, dark-gantry with blonde or cool ash hue, and chestnut with honey. The technique evolved over time to accommodate varying hairstyle lengths.

For people with short hair

” Balayage ” will give the curls a tremendous volume, and the appearance will renew itself beyond recognition for holders of medium or short hair. “Bakery” or “golden blond” color rejuvenates and is appropriate for all ages.

For people who need to change things quickly, the tips can be modified, or tones edged after a month or two. This benefit allows you to change your appearance only a few times a year and eliminates the need for frequent excursions to the hairdresser. Hair will be less stressed and remain healthy and appealing.

The technique’s features:

  • Quick image swap.
  • The ideal interval between visits to the beauty salon.
  • Minimum funds in modest quantities.

Medium-length hair

New features – for example, staining can now be done by cascade. Furthermore, diverse hair lengths will make strands appear more lucrative and abundant.

The technique’s initial form called for dyeing no more than 10-15 cm of hair. Also, the curls on the cheeks should not be impacted. As fashion evolved, stains began to ascend higher to their very roots.

For long hair

Long-haired women are really fortunate because the curls that fall below the shoulders receive a gorgeous and stunning balayage. The approach will provide exceptional volume while keeping the image soft and feminine.

If the technique was limited to one method in previous versions, there are now two: using a comb or splitting the hairstyles into small ponytails. In today’s world, there are numerous new “balayage techniques” that differ from the classic. Because only true pros can color long hair, it’s difficult to maintain a clean transition while illuminating from one color to another. Such professionals can be found in our Roin Hair Style establishments in Rome.

How “Balayage” interacts with various hues

Color is known to influence a woman’s image. The light adds compassion, while the dark adds confidence and elegance. The master determines how the hair will be colored. “Pedestal Balayage” it’s ideal to go to ” cold ” tones of the client’s base color; the important thing is to choose the suitable tone for the basis.

“Balayage” for blond hair

Colors that cannot contrast are preferable for girls with blond hair. They look great in graphite, pearl, beige, and purple. The crossings should be soft and smooth.

Traditional hues can still be recommended:

  • Adolescent nut
  • Caramel
  • Silver
  • Cappuccino

The golden-haired females do not fit the classic colors – they blend and lack the volume seen in the blond. If the light hues are virtually undetectable, more saturated tones are chosen instead. Use ” platinum blond ” or ” natural blond ” to provide volume and enhance the curls.

“Balayage” for black hair

Brunettes frequently utilize ” Balage ” to create a unique appearance. Using technology, achieve remarkable contrast – this style emphasizes the structure of the hair while keeping the hairdo trendy and voluminous.

Lightening hair involves bleaching or painting strands and curls in light tones. The following colors look best against the underlying black color:

  • Ultra-youth: Blue, green, and purple will provide a vibrant image.
  • Caramel: to achieve a natural look
  • Chocolate hair colors, like sunny tips.
  • Coffee highlights dark and tanned skin.
  • Copper is popular among older women.

“Balayage” is a blond hairstyle

Blondes should wear ash blond and pearl hair colors. They appear relaxed and casual with blond hair. Avoid blondes with contrasting hues such as pink, purple, and blue, as well as red.

Duration of the Effect on hair

“Balayage” gradually descends from the hair thanks to a specific process. Color is not instantaneously lost in its entirety, but just partially. As a result, in order to prolong the effect of staining, the girl must:

  • Maintain the home hairdo and use restoring masks.
  • Pass the (re-release processes for damaged regions treatment).
  • Visit a hairdresser to avoid the appearance of split ends and to keep your hair looking fashionable.

When compared to traditional staining, it is apparent that “The balayage ” lasts far longer. In a month, the color of conventional painting begins to change. After the balayage, the hair will grow back in three to four weeks or more. Unlike the traditional approach, the roots are not colored, and their status is not monitored.

Toning masks are also available. They can keep the color at the appropriate level until the next visit to the cosmetic shop.

Demand for coloring in the “Balayage” style has increased

Because the technique is highly sophisticated, it is impossible to execute high-level work autonomously. It necessitates meticulous planning and exceptional talent. This is the most popular category of hairdressing services offered by a salon in Rome RHS. Customers frequently seek the advice of specialists; thus, the demand for this type of technology remains high.

“The sheer balayage” denotes difficult hair dying, which means that it is critical to withstand the sequence of phases during the treatment. One example is skilled color choosing. It is carried out by the colorist’s efforts, and it is impossible to achieve a smooth transition from one tone to another without it. Without this, the effect of “balayage ” is lost, and all attempts are futile.

Influence on hair structure

“Balayage” is thought to be the gentlest for hair. The utilization of a section of hair allows you to keep the remainder of the hairdo looking natural. However, this does not mean that you can save – in order for the color to rejoice and the hair to remain fresh, an integrated approach to rejuvenation and restoration is required:

  • Shampoos – the inscription ” For painted ” is the nicest view. The majority of the paint is lost after washing, while the rest of the mass continues to lose saturation for the first two to three weeks. Choose proven brands that may be bought on our salon shelves or by learning about them from our professionals at the beauty salon Roin Hair Style.
  • The masks have a variety of nutrients that are essential for damaged hair. They have a rough structure after staining, and the mask allows you to smooth out these bumps while keeping the color on the surface.
  • The conditioner will make it easier to comb your hair after washing without damaging the lightened hair, which loses elasticity and strength during the discoloration operation and remains delicate and tough. Using a particular tool after washing creates a silky look and makes combing easier.
  • Thermal protection – forms a protective layer on the hair’s surface. During hot style, the hair is subjected to high temperatures – a particular tool will shield it from the damaging effects of beams, hairdryers, and irons.

The bottom line

A professional technique is required while creating stains. Conducting operations efficiently and correctly based on the technology at home is challenging, if not impossible, in some circumstances. When you visit a beauty salon, the master will conduct the work skillfully and responsibly, resulting in a preserved hair luster and an attractive hairstyle. You won’t have to worry about having to repeat the treatment after a month because the image will last that long.

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