Hot scissors haircut

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Hot scissors haircut helps seal each hair section, so that valuable hair components (proteins, vitamins, amino acids) and moisture remain inside the hair, activating self-regeneration and strengthening the hair. If you are tired that after a haircut the structure of your hair is destroyed, resulting in split ends that you are tired of fighting with, we are pleased to offer you the best solution to this problem. This is a hot scissors haircut.

The therapeutic effect that hot scissors haircut has is based on exposure to high temperatures – heating occurs to a strictly defined level, which is selected individually by the master, depending on the type of your hair.

Despite the name of the procedure – hot scissors haircut – the scissors themselves remain cold during the process, and heating is carried out exclusively at the very point of the cut. As a result, under the influence of temperature, the cut of the hair is sealed and becomes smooth.

The therapeutic effect of cutting with hot scissors is achieved after 2-3 procedures and guarantees complete elimination of the problem of split ends. After 4-5 procedures, the volume of hair increases noticeably, because as a result of processing, the hair acquires the same thickness from the root to the very tip.

Plus, hot scissors haircut at Roin Hair Style will help your hair hold its shape better, which means you can enjoy any look you want without extra effort. As you can see, the positive properties of this procedure can be listed endlessly – but it’s better to just try it yourself.

Your hair will thank you. We are sure you will be satisfied with the work of our masters!

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