Eyelash tinting

Eyelash tinting

We invite you to visit professional Roin Hair Style salon masters! We have been working since 2006 in Italy and offer a wide range of beauty and hair care services.

A bright, piercing gaze is one of the main factors that we pay attention to when meeting a person. And in many ways the expressiveness of your eyes is influenced by the color of their eyelashes. However, not all people by nature have expressive eyelashes. Sometimes, in order to make the look more memorable, it makes sense to give a more expressive tint to the eyelashes with a tinting procedure.

Why eyelash tinting is worth doing in our salon:

  • We only use tested hypoallergenic agents.
  • Resistant quality paint. You can feel free both in the pool and in the sauna, without worrying that the paint may suddenly leak.
  • Wide range of color palettes. The master will select the shade that best suits the color of your eyebrows so that the tinting looks as natural as possible.
  • Nutrients in the paint contribute to the gentle care of the eyelash hairs.

Make your look even more expressive with the eyelash tinting procedure in the «Roin Hair Style» salon.

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