The ombre technique has become famous in recent years. Its popularity is due not only to it’s beauty and elegance, but also to the many options for this type of coloring as it can be done on either light or dark hair. Even better, this technique can be used on either short or long hair.

The classic Ombre is the most common twotone coloring with horizontal edge, which can be clear or blurred.

Usually we use the darker color at the roots, but also the opposite, where the tips are dark, but the roots have a more natural color.

As a base for shading when doing the Ombre technique, you can use your own natural hair color or a color a few shades lighter. It is also possible to use more than two colors both natural or even more creative for example, blue or magenta.

If you want the color to remain natural but become more lively and intense, you can color only a few strands instead of all the ends of the hair.
This type of staining is obviously much more sensitive than the classic Ombre, but at the same time more impressive.