We invite you to visit professional Roin Hair Style salon masters! We have been working since 2006 in Italy and offer a wide range of beauty and hair care services.

«Roin Hair Style» salon employs unique specialists in the field of skin and hair care. One of these professionals is a cosmetologist-masseur.

It is a specialist in the field of health and aesthetic procedures for the face and the whole body.

Cosmetologist-masseur procedures:

  • manual face-lifting massage,
  • facial cleansing,
  • lymphatic drainage massage,
  • modeling massage,
  • relaxing massage,
  • aroma massage,
  • epilation,
  • and other.

Care for the health and beauty of your body is an important component of quality life. Pay attention to yourself and your appearance to feel comfortable and attractive in any situation.

Procedures of a cosmetologist-masseur in the «Roin Hair Style» salon are a great way to maintain a blooming and healthy appearance of the face-skin and not only with high quality and at an affordable price.

Our work

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