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There are many kinds of permanent fixation, choosing the right one is very difficult. We have written our recommendations for you.

For thick and natural hair, an intensive remedy is usually used. But this remedy is better not to use for blond or highlighted hair, as the perm will be too pronounced and there will be a disorder effect on the head.

For chemical perm on dark or blond hair it is important to choose a medium intensity remedy, and consider the thickness of the hair.

Making a chemical perm for highlighted hair without damaging hair is extremely difficult. It is necessary to check in advance whether the hair has completely lost its original structure, as after a perm the hair will become even more fragile and may break when combed. With this type of hair, it’s better to avoid a perm.

In the case of light brown hair, a lighter remedy is used and it is advisable to apply protection to the tips of the hair. The exposure is checked every 5 minutes, and in some cases even at shorter intervals.

Trust our experts to make the perfect perm for you!

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A perm is one of the oldest hair services ever requested. As a matter of fact, 100 years ago, women all over the world used this method to get perfect curls!

But the real boom of the curly perm was in the 1980s

The chemical substance that is fundamental for the perm is thioglycolic acid, discovered in the 1930s and rapidly introduced in the cosmetic industry for the curly perm.

Over time, new formulas have been developed, improved with agents that seek to minimize hair damage during the process.

Modern curly perms use more innovative technologies, capable of preserving the health of your hair.

It is suitable for anyone, even for people with straight, thin hair who want to add volume to their hair.

The new formulas of curly perms are suitable for various hair types and structures: not only for thin and medium hair, but also for natural, dyed, short, long, straight, or wavy, unruly hair.

These new formulas of curly perms range from the stronger ones (classic perm often in great demand for short cuts, for straight thin hair, but also for medium hair) to the gentler and lighter ones (semi-permanent usually in demand for long hair) based on derivatives of thioglycolic acid, also known as a light or bio perm.

Thanks to these precautions, the curly perm has become increasingly innovative!

From the curliest waves (afro, very suitable for short and medium/short cuts) to the lightest waves (in great demand for long, straight and limp hair; the perm can add volume at the roots, but that is not its only function. It is suitable for both short and medium hair, as well as long and straight hair.

It is not by chance that the perm is one of the most requested hairstyling services.

Although highly appreciated by women, the perm always raises many questions!

  • “- But doesn’t it damage the hair?” (especially for those with long or straight hair)
  • “- How long does it last? Can it be done on all types of haircut, even on long hair?”

The first step to achieve a perfect perm is a proper and professional consultation! Actually, it is always advisable to do this treatment in authorised salons only! In Rome, there are fewer and fewer salons that know how to perm hair properly, but you can address our specialists in the three beauty salons in the center of Rome at Via Boncompagni 43, Via Sicilia 34, and Via Nomentana 83!

First of all, you need to consider the structure of the hair: whether it is dyed or bleached, damaged or healthy, long or short, straight or wavy (for those who want more defined waves). The result can be influenced by all these key factors.

And it is definitely important to identify the type of perm the client requests, because the perm is not just the classic granny curl perm on short hair!

In fact, the perm can also be wavy and have a more natural effect (wavy effect on long hair): in this case, it is done with larger hair rollers!

This type of perm is ideal for those who want to have wavy hair without changing their appearance, but add volume, thickness, and movement at the tips! The wavy perm can also be customised by playing with the size of the rollers (alternating larger and narrower rollers to add movement).

The classic curly perm, on the other hand, requires smaller rollers and longer exposure times (depending on the products chosen). It can be done on both short, layered cuts, and medium lengths. Even men have increasingly chosen to perm they hair in recent years. Having well-combed hair has become a must-have for every woman of our time, and the perm offers a quick and lasting solution. But not only for women who love perfectly defined curls, but also for those who love to add movement to their hair and to have a tousled look!

A perm is the best choice for women with thin and volumeless hair! A perm can add volume to thin hair, making it fuller and thicker!

Medium-structured hair generally holds a perm better and for a longer period. A perm can give volume to medium-structured hair, creating waves and curls that will make it fuller and more defined!

Can a perm also be done on coarse hair? Absolutely! A perm actually helps to make coarse hair more manageable and to achieve more defined waves and curls!

Structure is not the only factor to consider when doing a perm. As we mentioned before, it is also important to consider whether the hair is natural, dyed, or bleached!

On dyed hair, a perm may cause the hair colour to fade or it may alter its shine; therefore, it is always important to inform clients about this important aspect. Furthermore, further technical services (dyeing or toning) cannot be performed soon after a perm, but it is necessary to wait for a couple of days!

Bleached hair is more porous and fragile due to bleaching, so the results of a perm on it are unpredictable: the waves and curls might be irregular or not be achieved as expected (resulting in completely straight hair). For this reason, getting a perm on bleached hair is not recommended!

Instead, a perm can be a real lifesaver for those who need to wash their hair very often (every day or every other day) because the chemical process of the perm helps reduce sebum production at the scalp level.

But be careful, if the scalp is very irritated or dry, a perm might contribute to further inflammation; so, before undergoing a perm treatment, it is also important to consider the condition of the skin (dermatitis, psoriasis, inflammation).

A perm looks awesome and is long-lasting when, after the treatment, specific products for chemically treated hair are used!

Therefore the choice of products to use after a perm is very important!

The duration of a perm can vary from 3 to 5/6 months, but to maintain excellent hair health, it is not recommended to perm one’s hair more than 3 times a year!

In Rome, the cost of a perm can range from 120 to 160 euros

If you want to add more volume and movement to your hair, but are afraid of a negative experience (for example, burning your hair), we are waiting for you in our salons for a comprehensive and professional consultation!

We will clear up all your doubts!

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