Hair straightening

Hair straightening is one of the main tasks, probably, most owners of curly, curly and porous hair. The challenge for the salon master is to ensure that the customer remains as satisfied as possible with the result of straightening. Very popular keratin straightening or just keratin will help solve this problem. It helps to achieve hair straightening for a long period (from two to six months). The procedure is complex, requiring painstaking work for two to three hours. Do not try to spend it at home, because under each type of hair the master himself chooses the desired composition of the drug and the time of thermal impact on the hair.

After straightening, your hair becomes even, smooth, obedient, pleasant to the touch and gets extra shine.

The keratin treatment Kerasilk is the first smoothing treatment that is durable and customizable and lasts for 5 months.

Kerasilk” technology allows you to straighten your wavy hair without damaging them. With this
treatment your hair becomes smooth and shiny.


  • More than 50% of all clients of the salon have unmanageable hair.
  • More than 60% of all clients of the salon have frizzy hair.


Kerasilk offers the first customizable KERATIN TREATMENT with 100% perfect results:

  • It makes frizzy and unruly hair manageable
  • It softens waves and smoothes the overall structure of the hair and dramatically reduces blowdry time


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