Eyelash lamination

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Eyelashes, although they occupy a very small part of the face, are a very important element for the complex perception of the image of a person. Thick long lashes make the look deeper and more expressive, making the image more vivid and memorable.

However, not everyone by nature can boast of long and thick eyelashes, so the lamination procedure is becoming increasingly popular. As a result, the lashes become noticeably thicker and longer, maintaining a natural appearance.

Steps of the eyelash lamination procedure:

  • The eyelashes are fixed on top of a special roller and then covered with a bio-composition, which allows you to carefully curl the hairs without damaging the structure.
  • Staining is carried out in a pre-selected, most harmonious tone.
  • Then there is a procedure for fixing bio-perming and dyeing with botox.
  • In the final, a moisturizing cream or oil and nutrients are applied.

If you want to decorate your image with an expressive look from under long thick eyelashes, we invite you to the procedure of lamination in the salon «Roin Hair Style».

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Eyelash Lamination

Eyelash lamination: a touch of magic for magnetic eyes. Eyelash lamination is a procedure that adds volume and curl to the lashes, making the eyes more expressive.

Lash lamination and its benefits

Lash lamination is a treatment that enables to have more expressive and charming eyes. The lash lift treatment has grown widely popular. In this article, we will explore the eyelash lamination process, its benefits, and the costs of this service.

What is eyelash lamination?

Eyelash lamination is a process whereby the lashes are treated with special products to give them volume, strength, and a healthy shine. The result is more beautiful and expressive lashes, allowing you to achieve a makeup effect with no need to use mascara or fake lashes.

Benefits of eyelash lamination:

  • Increased volume and length: lamination makes lashes look longer, curlier and thicker, creating a natural makeup effect.
  • Extended duration: after eyelash lamination, many women can avoid using mascara or an eyelash curler since the effect lasts for several weeks or even months.
  • More expressive gaze: eyelash lamination makes the eyes more magnetic and attractive, which is particularly relevant for those with pale lashes.
  • Natural appearance: the effect of eyelash lamination is quite natural and doesn’t give the impression of wearing too much make-up, as is the case with lash extensions.
  • Time-saving: after eyelash lamination, there’s no need to spend too much time on morning makeup, allowing busy women to save time.
  • Lash care: the eyelash lamination procedure nourishes and reinforces the lashes, promoting their growth and health.
  • Customized results: specialists can tailor the eyelash lamination procedure to the individual preferences of the client, achieving the desired effect on the lashes.

It’s important to point out that the results of eyelash lamination can vary based on the type of lashes and the expertise of the professional. Before undergoing the procedure, it’s advisable to consult a professional Lashmaker to ensure safety and service quality.

The eyelash lamination process involves several steps to achieve impressive results. Initially, the lashes are thoroughly cleansed of makeup and oily substances. Subsequently, gentle chemical agents are applied to add flexibility to the lashes.

Then, the lashes are combed and shaped using small curlers to achieve the desired shape. Finally, a fixative is applied to maintain the lash shape. The eyelash lamination process usually takes about one hour and is entirely painless.

Why it is important to rely on professionals for eyelash lamination

Eyelash lamination is a procedure that must be performed at a beauty salon or by professionals. There are several important reasons why it is not advisable to attempt eyelash lamination at home:

Special skills are required: Eyelash lamination demands specific skills and experience. Professionals are trained to perform this procedure and have the necessary expertise to achieve high-quality results.

Eye safety: Eyelash lamination involves the use of chemical products that could enter the eyes and cause irritation if proper precautions are not taken.

Selection of the right products: Professionals use specific products developed for eyelash lamination, which are not available to ordinary people.

Risk of unsatisfactory results: Trying to perform eyelash lamination on your own carries a high risk of achieving irregular or undesirable results, such as overly dry, overly curled lashes, or low-quality distribution.

No guaranteed results: Without expetise and know-how, it’s hard to ensure the stable and long-lasting results that can be obtained at a professional salon.

If you’re interested in eyelash lamination, the best choice is to seek an authorized professional at a beauty salon or studio in order to ensure safety and a quality treatment, as well as to achieve the desired results.

Cost of eyelash lamination

Let’s have a look at the cost of eyelash lamination. The prices for this treatment can vary depending on the salon’s location and the quality of services offered. On average, the cost of an eyelash lamination session ranges from 60 to 100 euros. However, keep in mind that some salons may offer special packages or discounts, so it is always advisable to check rates before making an appointment.

When choosing eyelash lamination services, it is essential to consider the quality of work and the professionalism of the salon staff. It is not advisable to jeopardize safety and the quality of results just to save money. Eyelash lamination is an investment in your beauty and well-being, so it is crucial to explore salons in your area, read reviews, and gather information about rates and service quality.

Choosing a high-quality salon is essential to achieve the desired results and preserve the health of natural lashes. In our Roin Hair Style salons, you will find the best eyelash lamination professionals who are keen to appropriately take care of your safety and beauty.

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