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Beautiful long hair – a standard of female beauty for all time. Every girl wants her hair to look expensive and gorgeous. But how do you do that if you want to get luxury long hair instead of short hair or add volume to liquid hair? Hair extensions is what you need!

Hair extension is a tool with which the master can do real miracles: make long hair from short, make thick hair from rare and thin, can make highlights, tinting, color strands, without harming your own hair, without lightening and coloring. Modern hair extension technologies allow women to choose their own hair length, thickness and color. Natural hair strands used for extension can be different in color or solid, straight or curly. Now there are various hair extension technologies that allow any woman to choose what suits her.

In 2-3 hours, the master will make your hair 60 cm long, with a gorgeous volume, and no one except you will know that this is hair extensions. However, this effect can only be made by professional technology.

In the beauty studio «Roin Hair Style» in Rome hair extension is carried out by the Italian technology Euro Cap. Euro Cap is a hot, gentle technology with keratin capsules. This technology is by far one of the most durable and reliable, since keratin is not afraid of any care products. The average length of hair wear is 3-4 months, after which you can take a break or re-build.

Depending on your color type, the hair stylist of the beauty studio «Roin Hair Style» in Rome will pick up the hair for extension. They can be European or Slavic. Slavic hair is exclusive because it has not been previously dyed and chemically treated. Naturalness still remains the main criterion when choosing a hair type, because artificial hair should first of all look beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and natural!

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Hair extension in Rome

Natural hair can be lengthened and increased in volume, as well as give all kinds of shades and glare effects using hair extensions and modern extension methods selected individually by each client. Simply put, by applying various methodologies for hair extensions, you can choose each client their own technique, which will approach this hair structure without spoiling its natural hair and harming the scalp. Modern hair extension methods open up for the master the world of a new service for the salon, as well as completely different earnings and raise the rating personally of yours, as a master, and your salon. Basically, only 100% natural hair is used in hair extensions. The very procedure of classic hair extension with the help of keratin occurs in this way: a thin strand of natural hair is selected on the client’s head with a certain distance and sequence, and a separate strand is attached to this strand with the help of keratin and special forceps. One straight to the other. This is a classic hair extension method with its own strict rules that must be clearly adhered to since it is considered one of the most complex and creates a more natural effect. There are other hair extension methods, faster for more volumetric hair or for a more volumetric effect. At the moment, at least six effective hair extension methods have proven to be very positive.

The Fashion Hair collection (Italy) is 100% natural hair of various lengths and colors.

Every woman who cares about her appearance and her self-esteem always dreams of having beautiful, well-groomed, long hair.

The ideal of female beauty has always been dictated by long, luxurious hair. Those who think differently certainly have the right to do so, but we strive to ensure long and natural beauty. Every woman seeks to have hair that looks expensive and stylish. But what if you want to add volume to your hair or just develop long, lush hair? The most effective solution to your hair problems is definitely to opt for hair extension.

However, any master will tell you that each lady has individual hair features, structure, color, strength, and other parameters. This means that a bizarre hairstyle does not necessarily indicate a high-quality approach. The best solution to restore attractiveness and beauty in Rome is hair extensions if you have weak, shortened curls from birth or your hair has seen a dismissive hairdresser master.

Hair extension is an unspoiled procedure that can help you achieve the desired image without much effort. The trend gained momentum in the 1960s when technology finally gained popularity among women, but if we are absolutely objective, the first ascending beauties were Egyptians more than 3000 years ago. This method is widely practiced at present, and the percentage of happy, young women who pass it every year continues to grow.

Hair extension in Rome looks like a magic wand in the hands of an experienced stylist; they can turn your hair from relatively short to very long, from impractically rare and painfully thin to your loved ones. Allows you to stand out, paint and dye the strands without bleaching and dyeing your natural hair. Note that our prices have a good value for money, and spending is more like investing in your beauty and amazing appearance.

Hair extensions today occur in a wide selection and variety of lengths, densities, colors, and textures. In fact, the hair used to create it can be wavy, straight, or any combination thereof. Now a variety of hair extension methods are available; any woman can choose the one that works for her.

  • Keratin hair extension
  • Hair clip extension
  • Tape hair extension
  • Bio-adhesive build-up
  • Double tape with micro-ring
  • Stitching hair extension

A master can increase the length of your hair by 60 centimeters and add the desired volume of 2-4 hours, and no one will notice the difference except you. It is true that such a result is possible only with involvement of highly qualified masters in this field.

Pros and cons of hair extension:

The main advantage is that your precious hair grows (so important to you) and desired length you grow it without spoiling your hair. Let’s say you need a certain length of hair. In this case, you should refuse to use tools for hot styling for at least two to three years. But, if your hair is thin and weak, it will never grow longer than your shoulders. The procedure can also eliminate damage caused by poor haircuts or seal the volume with thin hair.

In fact, the method has many advantages, so thousands of women go through this process and repeatedly lengthen their hair. Modern salons use various methods, such as:

Tape is one of the fastest ways to build hair, a tape of flexible and dense silicone marked with a special adhesive tape and used to paste hair strands. This procedure may not be ideal for you if your structure is not suitable for this build-up method, or maybe it is ideal for you if you comply with all conditions when it is neat. The master will need 45-60 minutes to complete the task, and he or she will need to come to the correction in 1 or 1.5 months (approximately), being quite individual and depending entire;y on your personal speed of natural hair growth.

The capsule keratin extension provides for the heating and fixation of keratin capsules with the donor’s hair to the client’s hair. Since keratin is so transparent, the final effect looks very natural. Three months later, the master’s working time will be reduced to two hours.

The – thrashing is sewing a whole tape of hair to a pre-gossip braid along the head. This technique is popular among girls who lead an active lifestyle. The time for the master – is 2-3 hours to work; the correction will be needed in 2-3 months.

Double tape micro ring is the fastest technique in terms of build-up time. Very often used for wedding hairstyles and for people who do not want to hear about building up by other methods. This method is the only one that makes it possible to immediately try in the cabin and understand on the spot whether this method suits you or not. This method is suitable for customers with a sufficient natural volume but with a structure that is prone to fragility that does not grow longer than the average length and is also suitable for a temporary ceremony or any event. These strands, how easy it is to grow, can also be removed very quickly.

Spanish (cold build) – special glue is used and cannot be heat treated. Also suitable for blondes, as the glue has a light hue. The time for the master – is 3:00 to work; the correction passes after 3 months after you need to take off your hair. This method is less effective for overburdening since when removing (correction), a large percentage of hair is lost.

  • Lazy-seat extension – this build-up method uses a thin tape coated with flexible and durable polyurethane, on which hair is attached to, pre-prepared, based on natural hair using a micro ring system. This tape with hair is sewn with a special thread and a needle to pre-prepared hair. The method is more successful in Arab countries, and the method itself was originally invented in African countries; only the difference is that a horizontal pigtail was interwoven in the African method, where from the side zones throughout the head, and then a lock of hair was sewn, sewn with special threads, but, unfortunately. This method is not suitable for Europeans; it is considered very aggressive for the skin and structure of the head of Europeans. As an alternative, the method of hair extension tape sewing with a micro ring was invented. This method is more suitable for European hair structure.
  • Growing tape with the wet ring is one of the most recent methods. Many people like it for its simplicity of fastening a strand of hair. This method is one of the fastest. The big plus of this hair extension method is that hair strands can be overgrown many times and do not deteriorate, which cannot be said about other places of hair extension.
  • Ultrasound increment. This method is fast and does not spoil the hair, but, unfortunately, it does not rest on the hair, and the strands of hair begin to move out a month after hair extension because there are very few adherents of this method.

The most common methods are all listed above. There is a technological gap between hot and cold processes. The capsule increase, for example, requires heating and hardness of the active ingredient (keratin). Spanish and other cold procedures include the use of metal clamps or glue.

Perhaps the Italian brunettes will choose to build up light hair in Rome using Italian technology without spoiling their chic hair, since with any build-up, you can increase light strands of hair, as if to add light glare, without touching the hair’s natural structure. These works are performed in the Roman beauty salons “Roin Hair Style.” We guarantee an affordable and fair price for hair extensions and a huge selection of natural hair of different colors. Euro Cap uses a warm, soft keratin capsule for hair extensions.

Due to the keratin method of building confidence that your hair volume and length will not decrease and fall out, on the contrary, increase . With the use of keratin for lengthening your hair, in all situations, this technique occupies a high place among those who hold well, if experts do the work in their work. Two months later, they make a correction, and after three to four months, most people take off and take a break or repeat the process; it all depends on how and at what speed the hair grows.

Stylists in the Roman beauty salon “Roin Hair Style” will pick up your hair for lengthening depending on your color preferences, the expected final result, as well as on the price of the hair. There are European and Slavic hair available. The unique characteristics of Slavic hair include its resistance to chemical treatment and the fact that it never dyed, gives a very good volume, and is long-term in its sock; it can easily be repainted many times. Irrigated hair should look primarily attractive, aesthetic, and natural; thus, this characteristic will remain the main factor in choosing a style.

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