Jean Paul Mynè

Jean Paul Myne - Botox Sensation

An old saying goes “unity is strength” and the brand Jean Paul Myne is the proof.
By bringing together the knowhow of experienced researchers in chemistry and biology, the results of market surveys among hair stylists and their customers, and the commercial and entrepreneurial Italian flare, we have created an innovative product in appearance,content and performance.

The brand Jean Paul Myne was created to offer the high quality market cosmetic products made entirely in Italy and is solely intended for qualified and trained professionals to achieve the best for all applications. The policy of product quality Jean Paul Myne is based on four simple principles:

  • The development and formulation of cosmetic products using only ingredients approved and e valuated on (the origin, those prohibited or dangerous to health, Jean Paul Myne products are indeed formaldehydefree)
  • In the selection of raw materials no compromise between quality and price, ensures that only the choice of raw materials of high quality, ensuring maximum satisfaction to customers; me and the degree of satisfaction.


Botox Sensation
An example of the effectiveness of the treatment effect of reconstruction botox Repair Thermo Top Up on a customer.

Thermo Repair Top Up is a treatment with a “BOTOX effect” resulting from the research of
JEAN PAUL Myne. It creates a Maximum plumping effect: volumizing, and strengthening for a
striking brightness and softness to the touch.